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Why publish with us?

'Do you know that publishing a book is a waste of money if it is not edited and marketed properly?

Publishing is an easy process which could be done by the author also, but what really matters is the editing of the manuscript and then the proper marketing of the book. At revolt, we do an in-depth editing of each and every book irrespective of the number of words, and also provide a free marketing support.' We don't just help in publishing, but also in sales, editing, and marketing.

How we are different?

Revolt is a HYBRID PUBLISHING HOUSE which was created to be ‘Auhtor Centric.
Our philosophy is to keep our operations transparent and not make you spend a lot of money.
Below is how we are different.

Detailed Editing

We do a detailed and in-depth editing of the manuscript with ‘No Word Limit’. There are no extra charges per word for editing.


Free Marketing Support

Once your book is ready for publishing, we offer a free one month marketing support. We work our best in making a brand out for our Authors.


'Movie Adaptation'

This is where you get your ROI. We pitch our published books to various OTT platforms and production houses via our movie agents. A movie adaptation is the best thing that could happen to an author.


Published by Revolt

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    Brahmastra Chronicles

    Author - Kumar Aditya

    Genre - Sci-fi/Mythology/Saga

    2019: a retired History professor is gruesomely murdered near Indraprastha. A week later, angels with fire wings are sighted in modern day India; reports of rabid, cannibalistic children that feel no pain and inhuman corpses that melt. An ancient war, older than humankind, is about to spill out of the shadows into broad daylight…

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    The Inquisitive

    Author - Hemant Kulkarni

    Genre - Mystery/Fiction

    A young couple (Mohit Prajapati and Monica Prajapati) have recently shifted to Mumbai and are devoid of any acquaintances or friends in the new city. As they are in the process of settling down in their newly rented apartment. Mohits father had then made Mohit vow that he will never meet Glen again.

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    The Overview Motel

    Author - Rohaan Ohlyan

    Genre - Mystery/Fiction

    Peter and Jack, two old college friends reunite after ages for a road trip. Little did they know that the thunder and downpour on an empty dark highway is not the only obstacle they are going to face. Their car has a breakdown, and they wind up at a dimly lit motel in the middle of nowhere. The rain starts to slow down and the fog begins to set in. As the night begins, strange events lead them into a state of frenzy. Peter and Jack witness something indescribable. Was it a figment of imagination of two weary travelers or is there a psychopath on loose? Will the two have an option of escaping the motel? Can anyone be trusted? Will they make it out alive?

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    The Amaranthine Key

    Author - Rajvardhan Sisodia

    Genre - Fantasy/Fiction/Saga

    Not all heroes are all white light and preachy principles. In fact, not all people are heroes. When James finds out that he is the prince of an ancient elven kingdom, he must reclaim the throne and become emperor to save two worlds. But with his powers comes an inheritance of wars waged and blood spilled. Can James overcome the darkness to serve a higher cause, or does he cave in as his life falls apart in tatters around him? More importantly, can he recognise his true enemy as the mists clear on the history of humans and elves? This riveting read brings a fresh take that keeps readers on their toes.

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    Author - Chaarvi Murari

    Genre - Adventure/Indian Writing

    'Across' is about self realization. We all get stuck with the daily situations of life and are not able to understand what the truth is. The book highlights the diplomatic ties of India and our international relations with the world. It takes you on the journey of self discovery as an individual and as a citizen.

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Our Fixed Editorial Fee

There is a reason why we named our publishing house 'Revolt'. Because we wanted to change the way publishing industry works and also bring transparency to the system. That is why we decided to scrap the 'Multiple Package' system and deliver all services under one 'Fixed Editorial Fee'.

Revolt charges INR 40,000 + GST as a one time editorial fee for publishing book.

This includes Detailed editing of the entire manuscript and free marketing support

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