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Why publish with us?

'Do you know that publishing a book is a waste of money if it is not edited and marketed properly?

Publishing is an easy process which could be done by the author also, but what really matters is the editing of the manuscript and then the proper marketing of the book. At revolt, we do an in-depth editing of each and every book irrespective of the number of words, and also provide a free marketing support.' We don't just help in publishing, but also in sales, editing, and marketing.

How we are different?

Revolt is a HYBRID PUBLISHING HOUSE which was created to be ‘Auhtor Centric.
Our philosophy is to keep our operations transparent and not make you spend a lot of money.
Below is how we are different.

Detailed Editing

We do a detailed and in depth editing of the manuscript irrespectrive of the number of words. It is a part of our Editorial Fee.


Free Marketing Support

Reach out, at once, to 50,000+ Kalaage community users to promote and market your book with no extra fee or charge.


Published by Revolt

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    The Vision of the Futuristic Pasts

    Author - Chaarvi Murari

    Genre - Literary Fiction

    No matter who you are - photographer, restaurant owner, musician, hotelier and more, you can manage your website and business all in one place. With Kalaage, the possibilities are really endless! We offer services to make it easier for you to grow your business or brand online. Easily send beautiful emails, start your own blog, get booked online, open your own online store and more.

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    Almost Together

    Author - Ankit Madaan

    Genre - Fiction

    In everyone’s life, comes a point when he is in dilemma of making a decision whether to choose the wrong way and get short-lived happiness or choose the right way and get hurt at the very moment.\r\nThis is the journey of Aarush, a story not a usual one but extremely intricate.\r\nHe is gummed among things, among people and he is left at no alternative but to just go with the flow which, at the end of the day, leads him to lose the ones for whom he doing all this.

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    The Ultimate Parenting Handbook

    Author - Praggatti Rao

    Genre - Self Help

    The Ultimate Parenting Handbook is not another book of preaching about what conscious parenting should look like or certain right things to say as a parent. It is a compilation of how one can nurture their kids so that they aspire; evolve and wish to grow with them in each passing day.

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    Treasure Within Dreams

    Author - Shetall Ramsinghani

    Genre - Fiction

    A young man who is under-confident, even in his forties, he is still searching for directions to lead his life. His family, friends, relatives and neighbours everyone discard him as a useless fellow. The day comes when he decides to leave this world.

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    Verses of Time

    Author - Komal Gupta

    Genre - Poetry

    Verses of Time is a collection woven in the threads of Time. Time is ever present in our lives, this collection is an effort to show the aspects it dwells in and make one reflect. Of course, Time isn’t always serious, it has a way of having fun too! I hope that these verses resonate with those who read it.

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Detailed Editing
ISBN & Copyright
Book Cover Design
Book Layouting
Proof Reading
Author Profiling
Kindle Ebook
Print Copy Creation
Online Distribution
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Speak with our Published Authors

Capt. Hemant Kulkarni
Author of The Inquisitive

Get directly in touch with our published author to ask about their experience of getting published by us. They will provide you with an honest feedback

Manjima Misra
Indian Femine Fury

Get directly in touch with our published author to ask about their experience of getting published by us. They will provide you with an honest feedback

Kumar Aditya

Get directly in touch with our published author to ask about their experience of getting published by us. They will provide you with an honest feedback

Our Fixed Editorial Fee

There is a reason why we named our publishing house 'Revolt'. Because we wanted to change the way publishing industry works and also bring transparency to the system. That is why we decided to scrap the 'Multiple Package' system and deliver all services under one 'Fixed Editorial Fee'.

Revolt charges INR 30,000 + GST as a one time editorial fee for publishing book.

This includes Detailed editing of the entire manuscript and free marketing support

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