So you have Written a ton of amazing Poems?
Then why not Publish them as a Book.

Your Poetry Book

Revolt House, a publishing division of Kalaage with 45,000+ active community, is promoting poetry writers and authors and helping them publish their books. If you have a collection of amazing poems, then get them published in the form of a book - both digital and print.

Steps of Publishing your Poems as Book

Theme of the Poetry Book

The first step involves a thorough reading of all the poems written by the author and deciding on a core theme.

The Editorial Process

Next, our team of expert editors will start with the editing and selecting the best poems for publishing.

Book Cover Design

Our creative and expert book designers will then create a stunning yet simple book cover design.


Once the editing is done, our typesetters will make the book ready for publishing.

Assigning ISBN

Once we have applied for ISBN the book will get its unique identity.

Digital Publishing

We will then create the ebook and Kindle edition of the book live on Amazon.

The Print Edition

This is the real game changer. The actual print copy of your very own poetry book.

Digital Launch

We will then officially launch you within our community of 45,000+ users on Kalaage and make you a rockstar!

Marketing Support

We will also help you with the marketing of your book.

Our Minimal One Time Editorial Fee

Our editorial service fee is kept at a very minimal rate and has only one simple plan for people to choose from

Print + Ebook Plan

INR 20,000 + GST

So Let’s Publish Your Poems, What Say?